Starship Desolation by Cyph3r Escape Takes You to Thrilling Space

The alarms blare angrily as we are suddenly woken from our cryosleep. The lights flash wildly as we try to make sense of our surroundings and turn off the alarm. We can’t concentrate. Something is terribly wrong… After a few minutes of stressful discussion and flipping switches, the alarms finally quiet, the lights stabilize and brighten, and we are able to fully take in our dire situation. Something upset the trajectory of our starship, the Desolation, and we are adrift among the stars. Could we repair the ship enough to communicate with a rescue vessel before we ran out of oxygen, or became prey to something more sinister..?

Starship Desolation, at Cyph3r Escape in Studio City, is a beautiful and immersive escape room. There aren’t a ton of puzzles, but the ones included all advance the story and make sense in the narrative. A few puzzles can be solved by different team members simultaneously, while others need to be worked on as a group, and very rarely does one rely upon another to be solved in sequence. Additionally, some clues/puzzles extended through the expansive 4-room starship, and there were only one or two combination locks. The use of well-done multimedia challenges and clues was also refreshing and exemplary.


Feeling like we were in our own sci-fi/horror film like Alien or Life, my team and I were blown away by the technology, beautiful video quality and non-linear game play. As we played, the shiny gadgets and the video interfacing had my team oohing and aahing, getting easily distracted from what might be lurking out of plain sight. Starship Desolation is a solid and impeccably designed escape room with a very strong narrative that was elevated and enhanced by the puzzles within.

Cyph3r Escape’s next room will take place in the same universe, but at a futuristic prison, and I can’t wait to try it out. Book your own trip on the Desolation here.

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