Zombie Joe’s Easter Egg Hunt

Like other Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre productions, their F*cked Up Easter Egg Hunt aimed to disorient and disturb its audience, and turned an innocent tradition on its head.

Sex. Sacrifice. Easter Eggs…?

Stumbling upon an Easter ritual of sacrifice and new life, the audience was in for a frantic and carnal ride. Our commanding, dominatrix hostess placed us in a semi-circle around her altar and told us of the ritual. She needed our help to collect as many eggs as possible in order to complete the ceremony. She explained how many eggs were hidden around the space, and that we might be asked to perform certain tasks in order to receive “special” eggs. In her lovely thick accent, our hostess bid us begin.

Picking up our Easter baskets which already contained “used” maxi pads, our small group of around 12 people scattered to find the eggs. Sordid characters – scantily-clad virgins, a gruff dog on a leash, a randy rabbit –helped and hindered our progress. We were asked to do lightly demeaning tasks, such as barking like a dog, and were given “special” eggs when we completed the requirement. Firmly rooted in S&M, Easter Egg Hunt relished in the guests’ discomfort, but all in the spirit of fun.

Indulging in the Grotesque

I really enjoyed the immersive aspect of Zombie Joe’s F*cked Up Easter Egg Hunt. We weren’t just watching a performance, or walking through a haunted house – we were part of the proceedings. I had a fantastic time searching for eggs and interacting with the sleazy characters roaming about. The little dance party toward the end of the experience was delightful, and I was thrilled that my fellow audience-members gamely participated.

Like most Zombie Joe productions, F*cked Up Easter Egg Hunt was strictly for adults, as it included graphic nudity and strong sexual content/language, culminating in an ending I did not expect. But, like me, if you’re game for pretty much anything, I highly suggest you make it out to a ZJ show – or two, or three…

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