Along Came Polly 0

Along Came Polly

Over the years, Ben Stiller‘s career has been, in my opinion, miss and miss. Stiller started as an SNL cast member in the late 80’s and had a very short lived TV show with...

Nintedo DS: Dull System 0

Nintedo DS: Dull System

In a press release, Nintendo announced, or didn’t, a new system in developement they say will be marketed seperate from the Game Boy Advance, despite the fact that it’s a portable system. The Nintendo...

Passion of the Christ Poster 0

Passion of the Christ Poster

This is just a short little tid-bit: The poster for The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson’s latest controversy creator movie, has been released Check out the poster here!

Kill Bill Vol. II Trailer Now Online 0

Kill Bill Vol. II Trailer Now Online

The Kill Bill trailer is now available on line and looks to be just as gory as the first, but of course in the artistic fashion that Quentin Tarantino wants. The trailer can also...

FBI nabs screener leaker 0

FBI nabs screener leaker

Russell William Sprague, 51, of Homewood, Ill was arrested by the FBI Thursday on charges of criminal copyright infringement and illegal interception of a satellite signal. Sprague obtained Academy screeners from Carmine Caridi, a...

Mindhunters Moved 0

Mindhunters Moved

If you had been reading along in the forums before the “problem” you might have noticed *NIX Geek mention some things about the release of Mindhunters. Early this week Miramax quietly pulled Mindhunters from...