Schindler's List to DVD 0

Schindler's List to DVD

Universal Studios Home Video announced Wednesday that they plan to release Schindler

OSCAR screeners still leaked… 0

OSCAR screeners still leaked…

Apparently the OSCAR voters arent trustworthy. Seems like a screener copy of Something’s Gotta Give was found on the internet. Looks like all the crappy anti-piracy ads that waste my time at the movies...

Searchlight plans NC-17 release 0

Searchlight plans NC-17 release

For the first time in 6 years, a member of the MPAA is releasing a controversial NC-17 release. Fox Searchlight Pictures plans to release a director

AMPAS announces winners 0

AMPAS announces winners

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences technical awards committee (AMPAS) has released their Technical Awards for 2003. An Oscar Statuette for Academy Award of Merit has been awarded to Digitaldesign for their...

Lemony Snicket Poster and News 0

Lemony Snicket Poster and News

Don’t know who Lemony Snicket is? Didn’t know who Harry Potter was before the movie? Well, Lemony Snicket is the author of a series of books titled, “A series of unfortunate events”. There are...

Piracy, Does It Really Hurt the Industry that Much? 0

Piracy, Does It Really Hurt the Industry that Much?

Since the issue of piracy is a big issue, I figured I would throw my two cents in about it. As all of you know, the MPAA is on this big push about how...