Cast Announcements for The Producers 0

Cast Announcements for The Producers

Matthew Broderick (Leo Bloom) and Nathan Lane (Max Bialystock) will reprise their roles from their recent Broadway version of Mel Brook’s The Producers. The last title role was announce today by Universal when they...

Mindhunters Moved 0

Mindhunters Moved

If you had been reading along in the forums before the “problem” you might have noticed *NIX Geek mention some things about the release of Mindhunters. Early this week Miramax quietly pulled Mindhunters from...

Van Helsing Desktops 0

Van Helsing Desktops

I won’t say where I got these images from, to the trained eye though, they will obviously be a scanned image from a press kit of some sort…wink wink. So anyway, before that cease...



The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) filed lawsuits against 532 IP addresses today, claiming that they have violated copyright laws for distribution of Music over the Internet. Yes, as defendants, the RIAA has...

Azkaban is Y tu Mama Tambien for Kids? 0

Azkaban is Y tu Mama Tambien for Kids?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuar