New Spotless Mind Trailer 0

New Spotless Mind Trailer

If you haven’t heard the buzz on Charlie Kaufman’s latest screenplay, then pick up the rock you’ve been living under and get out a little! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has all the...

Passion of the Christ Pics 0

Passion of the Christ Pics

Each time I see something on this movie I get a little bit more excited and these new pics I found really helped. Mel Gibson seems to have outdone himself again, but we won’t...

Britney Vs. Christina 0

Britney Vs. Christina

I’ve had enough. If ever there was a pair of people so obsessed with themselves, it has to be these two. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears must have rival agents, because I can

Crash, Burn and More 0

Crash, Burn and More

Here’s the basics. We upgraded the server. The backup didn’t do the job we all thought it would. In fact, the last backup was 1 month before we started things here at Media Geeks....

Alyson Hannigan Returns to TV? 0

Alyson Hannigan Returns to TV?

After taking some time off after the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alyson has signed on to star in an untitled Matt Tarses/Bill Wrubel comedy pilot for NBC. The only thing really...

Viewtiful Joe 0

Viewtiful Joe

Life is Beautiful. Joe is Viewtiful. Capcom gets back to video game basics with the release of Viewtiful Joe, a 2