Costner's Horizon 0

Costner's Horizon

The Oscar winning director/producer/writer/star Kevin Costner is setting his sites towards yet another western for his next project. Sources state that his next project, which he will direct and star in, will be another...

BFCA Awards Best to 0

BFCA Awards Best to

The Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (BFCA) have awarded their 2003 Best picture award to Peter Jackson

Disney Animation Studios Florida… 0

Disney Animation Studios Florida…

is expected to close on Monday, jeopardizing the jobs of nearly 260 animators. Some artists will be transferred to Burbank, California, where Disney’s corporate headquarters is located, but most of the employees, whose credits...

Theron Loves What? 0

Theron Loves What?

As if replying to my earlier editorial on the sad state of News organizations around the world, The Associated Press released a report about Charlize Theron and her love for potato chips. Mind you,...

Pics of Catwoman 0

Pics of Catwoman

With shooting almost over for a July 30, 2004 release of Catwoman there are more and more pictures starting to show up on the web. I found a picture of Halle Berry in her...

Samurai for Notin 0

Samurai for Notin

Screenwriter Michael Alan Eddy has filed suit against the Writer