Samurai for Notin 0

Samurai for Notin

Screenwriter Michael Alan Eddy has filed suit against the Writer

New Dawn of the Dead Trailer 0

New Dawn of the Dead Trailer

WARNING: This trailer is HOT! Wow, I heard prelim reports for Dawn of the Dead a couple months ago, and I thought it was just going to be a boring re-hash of the original;...

Wahlberg in Ellroy's Black Dahlia 0

Wahlberg in Ellroy's Black Dahlia

Mark Wahlberg and Josh Hartnett have joined the team to bring James Ellroy’snovel, The Black Dahlia, to the screen, according to Empire Movies. In fact, I’m watching the IMDB update as I type!! Still...

Pictures from Punisher 0

Pictures from Punisher

The dudes at have collected some of the hype around The Punisher, and put together a little montage for us! Ho, Hum…that’s about all I have to say about that.

Big Fish 0

Big Fish

I can remember when I was first introduced to art. It was in school and at a very young age. Being in school, art was explained from the mechanical point of view. This brush...

Chasing Liberty – Review 0

Chasing Liberty – Review

Let’s get one thing straight: Mandy Moore is Not Audrey Hepburn, and Matthew Goode is Definitely Not Gregory Peck, Mandy Moore will Not win and academy award for this role, and this is Not...