Miracle Stills and Trailers 0

Miracle Stills and Trailers

If you aren’t a hockey fan, you may still have heard of the American win over the Russian hockey team in the 1980 winter olympics. I was only 8 years old, and I remember...

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Release Date Moved 0

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Release Date Moved

Quentin Tarantino recently announced that Miramax was moving the realease date back two months to April 16, 2004. There are several rumors circulating around this, but the reason seems to be more along the...

Want a Quick Buck? 0

Want a Quick Buck?

Well, then you should marry a star, when you are drunk in Vegas, get it annuled and then sell the story about your 55 hour wedding to the Enquirer. This is what Britney Spears...

Son of the Mask updates 0

Son of the Mask updates

Even though they have already released the teaser poster for the next Mask project, they are still haven’t quite nailed down the cast yet. New Line Cinema has announced that they have signed Bob...

Schindler's List to DVD 0

Schindler's List to DVD

Universal Studios Home Video announced Wednesday that they plan to release Schindler