Samurai for Notin 0

Samurai for Notin

Screenwriter Michael Alan Eddy has filed suit against the Writer

Pics of Catwoman 0

Pics of Catwoman

With shooting almost over for a July 30, 2004 release of Catwoman there are more and more pictures starting to show up on the web. I found a picture of Halle Berry in her...

Theron Loves What? 0

Theron Loves What?

As if replying to my earlier editorial on the sad state of News organizations around the world, The Associated Press released a report about Charlize Theron and her love for potato chips. Mind you,...

S.W.A.T. 0


I bought the DVD because I actually liked the movie when it came out last August. I made the mistake though, of not reading the box to see what special features it contains. Read...

The Return of Zorro? 0

The Return of Zorro?

With the shooting about to begin in Mexico for Zorro 2 there are rumors about the possible title will be The Return of Zorro. With most of the original crew returning, including Director Martin...

LA Film Critics Assn. awards 0

LA Film Critics Assn. awards

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association names American Splendor as the best picture of 2003. The Runner-up for the year was Sofia Coppola’s effort Lost in Translation. Peter Jackson (The Lord of the Rings:...