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Battlestar Galactica : Season 1 0

Battlestar Galactica : Season 1

Even before the mini-series first aired, a flurry of fans of the original series were yelling & screaming about changes to the new Sci-Fi Channel series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Even one of the cast members...

The Island 0

The Island

So I saw the Island with Design Geek last night, and I think I liked it more than he did – but then again I think I like Sci-Fi more than he does which...

Firefly Finds a New Home 0

Firefly Finds a New Home

To the delight of many devote fans of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, the show has been “picked up” by the Sci-Fi channel. The unfamilar, can be explained to simple folk, it’s a combination of sci-fi...