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Tim Burton's Corpse Bride 0

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

You know, I WAS warned about seeing Corpse Bride. Good thing I respect my buddie’s animation skills and not his taste in movies. Based on a foreign folk tale, the Corpse Bride tells the...

Gellar as Twisted Alice 0

Gellar as Twisted Alice

Imagine if Clive Barker, Todd McFarlance, Tim Burton and George A Romero raised a child. What images would that child conjur when reading the already twisted Lewis Carroll tale of Wonderland? Pretty f$#@*$& twisted,...

Confirmed: Burton, Depp do Wonka 0

Confirmed: Burton, Depp do Wonka

There’s been plenty of rumor flying around, and speculation in our forums as of late, but according to an interview with CNN, Tim Burton will in fact be taking the director’s slot in the...