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Early Reviews of Van Helsing 0

Early Reviews of Van Helsing

One critic, Scooper Doc, who recently saw an early screening of Van Helsing reports that “Without giving anything away…. it kicks *ss. Sommers has really recreated an old monster movie and made it feel...

Van Helsing Stills 0

Van Helsing Stills

Hot for more Van Helsing stuff??? Get some newly released movie stills from Dark Horizons!

Official Van Helsing Website 1

Official Van Helsing Website

Universal recently launched their official website for their upcoming movie, Van Helsing. This website looks totally awesome and I love the 3D graphics. It has downloads, general info, and trailers available. Also as an...

New Toys 0

New Toys

Several new toys were unveiled at the UK Toy Fair 2004 this past week, including ones for upcoming movies like Shrek 2, Van Helsing and The Incredibles. The toys look really cool and the...

Van Helsing Desktops 0

Van Helsing Desktops

I won’t say where I got these images from, to the trained eye though, they will obviously be a scanned image from a press kit of some sort…wink wink. So anyway, before that cease...

Van Helsing Trailer On Line 0

Van Helsing Trailer On Line

Hugh Jackman plays the famed vampire hunter, Van Helsing, alongside Kate Beckinsale in the blockbuster of the same name due out in May. Apple has the trailer and WOW! This looks like a VERY...