Master & Commander

The movie was great in the theatres and truely deserved the 10 Academy Award Nominations that it received. It even have one more if it was not up against the final Lord of the Rings movie. I emphasize the word in the theatres for a reason…on DVD it sucks.

The movie itself is still awesome and there are lots of great sound options that will make your living room shake during the battle scenes, but that is all there is. There is no behind the scenes, deleted scenes, commentary tracks, making of, or special effects demos. The only other option on the DVD is that for viewing coming attractions.

It looks to me that Fox decided not to spend a lot of money on the first version of the DVD. Now a days there are several different versions of the DVD released before the best one comes out. Hopefully Fox and the Director, Peter Weir, will actually come up with a better version of the DVD.

I wouldn’t buy this until a better version comes out and if you really want to see it go spend the money renting it.

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