Catwoman Struts into Batman: Arkham City

I feel kinda of behind the ball on this, because it’s big news that came out officially this morning, and I’d like to think I’m better about posting news like this more quickly.

Batman: Arkham City will feature Catwoman as a playable character. Judging by this reveal trailer, she has her own unique set of moves and, I’m guessing, motives for taking down the scum of the streets alongside Batman. The question still remains if Arkham City will place her literally beside Bats in some kind of super-awesome co-op gameplay.


As you can see, she exudes hawt-ness and the trailer does much to showcase her …ahem… features. I’m completely sold on this version of her costume, but her face is a little off. Not that it matters much since players will likely see the back of her head more often than anything.

That didn’t come out right.

Her voice seals the deal. She’s given sexy, sultry vocals by veteran VO artist Grey DeLisle who happens to be no stranger to the Batmanverse; She’s a regular on Batman: The Brave and the Bold as Black Canary.

If there was one singular way to make Batman: Arkham Asylum better, it was to have included Catwoman. The internet is just a-buzz, discussing everything from why she’s showing so much cleavage, to the point of having goggles if she’s not gonna wear them (or why she needs them in the first place) but the bottom line is that a playable Catwoman in the sequel to one of the best games of 2009 is summed up with 2 syllables:

Awe and Some.

Batman: Arkham City, for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, hits stores October 21, 2011.

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