Half Life 2 Release Date Announced, Sort of…Again

Browsing CNN for relevant stories, I found this tucked away in their money section, but Blues News posted theirs first.

If you don’t already know, Half-Life 2, the highly anticipated sequel to arguably the best FPS game and game engine ever developed, was announced at last years E3 Expo, promising a December 2003 release date. Novemeber however, brought about the announcement from software developer Valve, that pieces of the source code were “stolen” and leaked over the internet, in turn delaying the developement of the software (how this can delay software developement is beyond me). Rumors floated and most seemed to center on an April 2004 release, tentatively the same date as the similarly hyped, then delayed Halo 2 for the Xbox.

Now, according to Valve’s directing of marketing, Doug Lombardi, the company “is currently targeting this summer for the completion of Half-Life 2”.

Completion. Okay. When exactly do you plan to actually begin selling it? Valve is saying to wait untul E3…AGAIN… for further details.

[full story here].

Christopher Kirkman

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