Fringe 2018 – Closure, Inc.’s “What Went Wrong”

You thought you had finally found love, the one. Then things fell apart and you’re left heartbroken. That’s where Closure, Inc. comes in. Using groundbreaking technology, a team of analysts will review your memories to pin down what went wrong in your relationship and who was at fault, providing you with the most important thing to move forward: closure.

“Look back and remember just how bad they were.”
– Closure, Inc.

What Went Wrong, now running at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, is part virtual reality experience and part immersive play. Audiences of six are brought in to Closure, Inc. as new relationship analysts, and tasked with watching the memories of defunct couple Nick and Shelby. After the review, analysts discuss their thoughts and hopefully arrive at a consensus about who was to blame for the relationship’s demise in order to provide closure for both parties.

“Because it was them, not you.” – Closure, Inc.

I absolutely adored the concept of What Went Wrong, which reminded me of a Black Mirror episode, and the incorporation of VR was a treat. Watching the relationship play out and dissecting it with others afterward felt like a challenging puzzle I was excited to solve. It was fascinating to see how my fellow “analysts” brought up discoveries based on their unique perspectives, issues I hadn’t even thought about. This discussion emphasized the fact that, even though we can witness the same events from the same eyes (VR headsets), our interpretations can be completely different based on our own lives. The ending, which I won’t spoil here, also brought up issues like: How can you tell who (if anyone) is to blame? How can you pin-point where a relationship starts to break? Should you listen to what other people think, or trust your heart? What does it mean to be truly compatible?

My time at Closure, Inc. was short, roughly 20 minutes, which left me wanting more – in a good way. I wanted to solve the puzzles presented. I wanted to dive deeper into the questions they posed. I wanted to discuss further with the “analysts” so I could gather more insight. I wanted more information about Nick and Shelby so I could better help them. As it stands, it was difficult to come to any conclusions… or maybe that is the point. I think the sign of a successful experience is leaving wanting more, and I definitely did.

“Welcome to serenity.” – Closure, Inc.

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