Fringe – One Last Thing Before You Go

I see a cloaked figure down a dark hallway. It motions for me to come closer. Giving me a glowing necklace to help me find my way, the figure escorts me into a dark room with shimmering lights. The figure leaves me alone. Where am I? I hear voices whispering. What are they saying..?


“The dead are very lonely…”
A Fine and Private Place, by Peter S. Beagle


Since there is a plot twist and a pleasant surprise in store for audience members, little can be explained about immersive production One Last Thing Before You Go, now running at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It is best to go into the event with fresh, open eyes and exist in the moment. Generally, however, One Last Thing Before You Go is a fascinating, solitary experience during which participants will interact with the performers in a very unique way.

Exploring themes of love, death and the afterlife, One Last Thing Before You Go is beautifully done. Where do we go when we die? What do we do while we wait to pass into our eternity? From the lighting to the costumes, the creative team has fashioned a mysterious and meditative moment in time in which they immerse their audiences. The actors are top-notch, especially in this heavily improvisational show – the audience truly dictates the narrative. Shoshanna Green quietly and skillfully commands attention, Brenda Gutierrez is truly heartbreaking, and Pip Lilly exudes masculine insecurity.

As far as immersive entertainment goes, One Last Thing Before You Go is not scary or physical, but might feel eerie due to the subject matter and otherworldly production design. The experience will be different for everyone as it’s based on our own decisions; I still wonder what would have changed had I made different choices. Creators Aaron Vanek and Kirsten Hageleit have produced a quiet and thoughtful piece that, like most of life, lasts but a moment.

The show is currently sold out, but you can learn more about One Last Thing Before You Go (including a link to a more spoiler-filled recap) here. Be sure to check their Facebook page to see if more shows have been added.

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