Snow Fridge: Halloween Edition – Overcoming Fears

wut do u fear?

My eyes are closed as I am gently guided through the heavy black curtain. As I pass through, I feel them surround me, softly placing their hands on me and whispering my name. I feel safe and comforted in the care of these otherworldly sprites. They are not here to hurt me, but to facilitate my journey through facing my fears and out the other side to a renewed sense of self. I slowly open my eyes and my exploration begins…

wut it wuz b4

Creators Keight Leighn (#bedrUmplaI) and Karlie Blair (Shine On Collective) have brought back their successful Snow Fridge experience for the popular haunt season – with a Halloween twist (cute, spooky costumes and a little treat at the conclusion). But what IS Snow Fridge? Originally part of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe FestivalSnow Fridge is an individual, improvised experience created specially for each guest. Before attending, each participant is asked a short series of questions via email, and the responses are used to create the experience itself. Those who have attended #bedrUmplaI (or, the original Snow Fridge, of course) will have an idea of what they’re getting into. Snow Fridge: Halloween Edition continues the theme of exploring our deeper selves with help from others, using the motif of a dream sequence. But while #bedrUmplaI deals with desire, and the original Snow Fridge with what we want to change about ourselves, this show explores a guest’s fears. The goal is not to torment us with them. Rather, it aims to help overcome them through play, compassion and philosophical introspection.

wut it iz now

Unlike many immersive productions which make guests a part of the already-created narrative, in Snow Fridge, guests ARE the narrative. The energetic actors are all splintered-off parts of the guest; we are all one, and they are nothing but supportive in their childlike abandon. Drawing from guests’ answers, the actors improvise the entire experience; they ask questions in whimsical rhyme, promote exuberant play (at one point I was wearing wings and a silly hat), and encourage self-examination in this hidden, safe space.


wut u wish it wld become

For my experience, I focused on my desire for my chosen career, and my fear that I will never get there. The actors lifted my spirits by taking me to a happier place and playfully suggesting that I think too much (which is very true). In everyday life, we rarely take the time to look inward and explore our fears, let alone express them to other people. It’s an emboldening experience to confide in someone – especially strangers – and to have them offer support and love in the face of your vulnerability is truly magical. At times I felt close to tears, at others I could not control the smile on my face. Snow Fridge is at once a chaotic display of emotion, and a quiet confirmation of love in this vast universe. For those willing to let their guard down and embrace it, Snow Fridge: Halloween Edition can be deeply moving.

Click here to find out more about Snow Fridge and purchase tickets. To find out more about #bedrUmplaI, click here.

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